• -This site is written by a former investment banker and hedge fund manager whose audience is the general public with an interest in finance and economics.  Michael – no last name is given – believes that the general public must be more well-informed as to the workings of the financial community but is overawed by its complexity; his primary task is to diminish the awe and inform the public.
  • Rebeldad -Rebeldad was created by Brian Reid and shares an ongoing look at the Stay-at-Home Dad movement in this country.  It’s an interesting read and he doesn’t shy away from a good fight when the need arises.


  • From Fatherless to Fatherhood -This site is dedicated to the efforts to assist fatherless African-American men who are now working through the issues of being a father to their own children.
  • Dr Laura -The website for the noted radio personality, it also contains a wide variety of informative articles on parenting and families from multiple writers and experts.
  • Daddymoms -Created by a father who was left with four children after a catastrophic loss, this site provides solid information and a unique perspective for fathers who find themselves single parents.
  • -Created by three fathers, this site covers a wide range of topics ranging from kids and parenting to larger issues.
  • is an excellent personal finance site for all aspects of household personal finance.  This includes everything from financial calculators to college and retirement planning and even the safety of your bank.
  • is the site for Armin Brott, a nationally noted and published fatherhood proponent.  Seen on national television, you can also tap into his podcasts.
  • National Fatherhood Initiative -The home site of the National Fatherhood Initiative, created to provide a resource and voice for fathers in America today.
  • Center for Parent/Youth Understanding -The site for a non-profit organization devoted to clarifying the constant changes in today’s youth culture.  It’s a great resource for helping to keep up with your ‘tween and teen.