“Inflation is low now, but could be excessive in the future”

And that is the headline from a post on cnbc.com.  The comment is attributed to Federal Reserve Governor Bullard, and the story is so developing that as of this writing, there’s no actual story attached with the caveat that it’s “developing”.

Gee, y’think, DiNozzo?

That a comment like that would come from a Federal Reserve Governor is stunning, a recognition that present policies are a set-up to a potential inflationary event that’s inimical to it’s long-held policy standard of price stability.  The theory is that the ongoing rounds of Quantitative Easing will throw enough digital money to the banks – which should theoretically lead to actual physical cash amongst the public – floating through the economy that spending increases, leading to greater economic activity and recovery.  Despite all of the controversy about inflation versus deflation, the evidence from my small PracticalDad Price Index is bolstered by the recent Walmart news release that Q2 (2013) comparable store sales were flat partially due to low inflation

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