Father (for) Christmas

We spend much of our lives in a forest for the trees environment, pressed by details that keep us from seeing the big picture.  Many men see themselves as the junior member in the parenting partnership, noting how the mothers seem so much more at ease with the kids and consequently step back from the daily merry-go-round that is part and parcel of raising children.  The thought is that I’m really not that important here and they need their mother more than me…

It is a real thought process for more than a few fathers.  But fathers do make a huge difference in the kids’ lives and their presence is missed when they’re not there or involved.  This was borne out by an English survey of 2000 parents, who were asked what their children asked for; the results were compiled into a roster of the fifty most requested Christmas gifts.  While I’m not certain of the full list, what was relevant here was that "a father" was the tenth most requested Christmas gift.  It’s not #1 on the list, but it’s certainly not at the bottom either and it’s a testament to what men bring to the table as parents. 

So when you start to wonder how much you really matter or whether you’re just as important as mom – and no, I don’t plan to choose one over another – consider the Christmas list.  And have a wonderful season.


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