Life happens.  Holidays come and go, kids return and then depart, cars are wrecked (no injuries, thank God), motherboards on laptops die, and certain milestones are reached.  This particular milestone is that the PracticalDad site readership surpassed 60,000 regular readers on the RSS feed.

The site began four years ago with a single intent and two simple parameters.  The intent was to write about fatherhood and family, showing that men could be as capable in parenting as women although it’s morphed somewhat as I’ve tried to explore how what’s happening with society and economy affects our families.  The first parameter is that I not produce anything that would embarrass anyone within the family; not everything written has been posted as review and reflection caused me to delete articles because they might be embarrassing to one or more of the kids.  The great majority don’t personally know Eldest, Middle or Youngest but a few readers do and the kids don’t need a neighbor nodding the head and thinking “so that’s why he looked like he was having an aneurysm.”  The second parameter is that I simply don’t write crap.  There’s enough nonsense on the web and I don’t need to add to it and again, several articles were simply deleted because they left an odor on the keyboard.

Thank you for reading the PracticalDad.  And please don’t think badly if this note’s format is odd because there’s something squirrelly with how the new laptop’s mouse interacts with the site’s programming/writing module.  Life happens.

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