Today is a day that will be spent on errands and some shopping for the upcoming holidays and there’s now an additional item on that list, a box of Twinkies.  They aren’t something that I’ve actually purchased before – so I suppose that I’m part of the reason for the Hostess Corporation demise –  but the soon-to-be Hostess bankruptcy makes them an interesting household piece for discussion. 

The privately held corporation’s bankruptcy has been an item for discussion in the past several days as the Teamsters union put the kabosh on the contract offered by Hostess management.  The interplay of news has been entertaining as one article’s spin puts a negative light on the union’s refusal to ratify the contract, killing the company, while another highlights that the existing management is going to still distribute more than $1.5 million in bonuses.  The lessons for the kids in the next several days could be far-reaching and could go in any number of directions.


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