Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration

For those who are interested, here is a link to the declaration issued several days ago by the Occupy Wall Street Working Group.

For all that the Main Street Media is doing to paint them as wackos, screwups, babes-in-the-woods and malcontents, the declaration provides substantive and eye-opening reading.  The goals are ambitious and direct, even if messy in the sausage-making aspect of politics when and if they come about.  Boiled down to the bare-bones essentials, the gist is this:

  • Our nation is squandering its resources on foreign adventurism and non-renewable energy, replacing active measures of research and application with a steady stream of military spending;
  • Our nation is failing to look to the future by saddling its young people with non-dischargeable debt, yet failing to promote policies and industries that provide them with the wherewithal to retire the debt and make a reasonable wage;
  • Our nation is committing political and social suicide by permitting a very small minority of people to control a wildly disproportionate measure of the national wealth;
  • Our nation’s government is actively abetting this since it has been financially coopted by that very small minority who have prospered.

While the term fascist been lobbed about like a verbal hand-grenade over the past five decades, the Working Group is absolutely correct in their opening quote by Benito Mussolini – Who?  Oh yeah, the Italian dude who was buddies with Hitler during the Second World War, you know, the one right after the Civil War – that fascism is a combination of big government and big business.

I suggest that you read it, even if you prefer the Tea Party over the young punks screaming, chanting and beating drums on Wall Street.  You might be surprised to find yourself nodding your head.

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