PracticalDad:  An Off-Topic Side Note

As a matter of course, I try to stay on-topic and focus on the message that fathers should do more – and can do more – with the kids and household.  I might throw in some family/personal economics and the occasional general economic article but my focus is kids and family.  But today is the occasion where I’ll cross that line and touch upon something important but only peripherally related to family and kids.

Despite the absense of greasy smoke and widespread destruction reminiscent of the Second World War, there’s a massive battle being fought in Europe.  It’s a battle waged with electronic bytes and digitized currency transactions but it’s a massive battle nonetheless, waged between the financial elites and the European governments.  It’s a battle over who possesses real control of society, the sovereign governments or what some refer to as the Plutocrats, as engendered by the financial elites of Wall Street hedge funds and global investment banks.  At stake presently is the European currency, the Euro.  While much of the damage to the Euro still results from the issues that were never resolved at its creation, the fact remains that the currency is under attack by the plutocracy and their various financial instruments.

Why should you care and be aware?

  • The Plutocracy – Senior global corporate executives, Wall Street executives and global bankers – believe that they have gained control of significant levers of power within our own government and are able to manipulate our own currency and regulations.  The weakness of the SEC and Congress’ agreeing to TARP despite the huge opposition of the American people gives weight to their belief.
  • The Plutocracy is greedy and seeks to gain wealth at the expense of the people.  Removing the Euro removes a currency that threatens the status of the dollar and hence, the power of these Plutocrats.
  • If European governments cave in to the Plutocracy, they will be emboldened to finish their project of gaining full and effective control of the currency and economy in this country. 
  • This means that the great mass of our children will become nothing more than the financial equivalents of modern-day serfs, working at low-wage jobs to support a credit-driven society that ultimately enriches the few who control the banks and funds that govern the country through their paid-for representatives.

If you had told me two years ago that I’d be writing this, I would have honestly said that you were nuts.  But my children – our children – deserve better than what is promised by such a future.  And there is precedence for such a struggle in our own history.  The Depression of 1837 – notably remembered by the song Hard Times, written by Stephen Foster to describe the suffering –  was a result of the conflict between President Andrew Jackson and a banker named Nicholas Biddle, who controlled the Bank of the United States.  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was later wielded by President Theodore Roosevelt to assault the Robber Barons, who controlled railroads and industry instead of banks.

So start to pay attention and exercise your right to speak and vote as you see fit.  Understand that there’s going to be real economic hardship ahead and that it will be our responsibility to bring our families through it. 

But this isn’t the first time this has occurred and if we’re fortunate, it won’t be the last either.

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