Checking the Returned Schoolwork

Part of the daily routine – at least for the younger kids – is checking the homework that’s been returned.  It might seem a waste as the work’s already been turned in and recorded, but there’s value in seeing what’s been done.

In my case, I’m concerned not with the work itself but instead the process of how the work was done since it’s never safe to assume that kids just know how to do something.  There’s a process in taking any test or homework and failure to follow it can render all of the hard work moot.  Did you go back and check all of your work?  Did you answer the questions sequentially or did you jump around the page?  Did you have a test-race with Lily in the seat next to you?  If you didn’t understand the question, did you ask the teacher to make it clear?

Assume nothing since all of these instances have occurred in this household, and I guarantee that the landscape is littered with other instances.

As the kids age, they’ll squawk but learn until there comes a time that you don’t have to perform the post-mortems.  They’ll really stand or fall on the knowledge base alone and that’s the point of the whole exam.

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