PracticalDad Solution:  Preventing Even More Housework

The more involved you are in something, the more that your perspective changes.  Especially in regards to what you find important.  In this instance, what’s important is keeping the housework that’s generated by three kids, a dog and three cats to a minimum. 

Case in point is my returning home from an errand and noting a toy jutting out from under the family room sofa.  There’s no material that obscures the area under the sofa so that I could see another toy further back when I reached down to get the first item.  I put my hand further under the furniture and as I moved it towards the back, felt a jagged pain as a protruding spring gashed my right hand open.  The laceration was like a bible school song – deep and wide – and it bled freely.

And my first thought was, blood’s gonna ruin this carpet!  So to save the carpet while getting up and running to the kitchen sink, I raised my arm in a symbolic oath of loyalty to the carpet and let the blood flow down my arm and into my leather jacket sleeve.  It’s easier to clean a leather jacket than to have to try to remove copious blood stains from carpet; and the blood only stained the inside of the sleeve so that it really doesn’t show anyway.

And that’s one less thing to worry about with a stitched and bandaged hand.

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