PracticalDad and Christmas

Guys, be sure to thank your mate for everything they’re doing to prepare for the Christmas holiday.  If you’re taking a major role, good for you since you have a good idea of what’s involved in making things happen.

Because of job constraints – a major increase in patient care responsibilities – my wife has had minimal time to do what she would like to do and PracticalDad has picked up the slack.  That means that there have been no posts for over a week and a full day is planned here, consisting of:

  • Preparing a Chili dinner for pre-Christmas Eve services (done);
  • Making a final grocery run for the forgotten celery for stuffing (done);
  • Wrapping final Christmas gifts (to do);
  • Making a final run for a restaurant gift certificate (to do);
  • Pre-cutting celery and onion for tomorrow’s braising for stuffing (to do);
  • Grating sweet potatoes for tomorrow’s casserole (to do, and gee, do I have enough butter?);
  • Prepping the turkey for roasting (to do);
  • Having a beer as the kids spend the day with the grandparents.

If you’ve ever noticed your mother or mate getting a bit high-strung the day before, this stuff is the reason why.  But the kids frequently don’t notice the angst and what they’ll remember as they age is the sense of home, family and whatever traditions that you’ve chosen to make part of the family life. 

I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday season and despite the hoopla, remember that it really is about family.


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