The PracticalDad Minivan:  Keeping It Stocked

Even if you aren’t overscheduled, you’re going to spend a decent amount of time in the family vehicle.  And that means that you should consider keeping it stocked with some items for contingencies that come with kids of any age.  What do I keep in my minivan, even if the kids aren’t aware of it?

  • A first aid kit stocked with plenty of wipes, bandaids and antibacterial cream.
  • When the kids were younger, a supply of clean diapers/training pants and wipes tucked into a pocket behind the driver’s seat in case the diaper bag was forgotten.
  • A ready supply of pens and paper for drawing to pass the time.
  • One or two bottles of water.
  • Snacks, separate from what can be found between the seats.
  • Feminine supplies.
  • Books for the younger reader.  Older kids can opt to bring their own selection.
  • A book for myself.  At this writing, it’s Steven Pressfield’s The Afghan Campaign.
  • One or more plastic bags.

 And even if you try to cover all contingencies, you’re going to come up short on occasions.  That’s why God created Walmart…

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