Knowing First Aid

I’ve learned in the past several days that I need to go back and take another first aid course.  Because I’ve forgotten some of what I used to know.

The range of injuries for most children is consistent with a bell curve.  Scrapes, cuts and bruises comprise the large majority of "boo-boos" but there are the occasional things that remind me what I don’t know.  And what must I refresh?

  • The difference in clearing an obstacle from a small child’s throat versus performing a Heimlich Manuever on an adult.
  • Discerning how much pressure to apply for CPR on a small chest.
  • How to handle immediate treatment for burns.
  • How to handle first aid for broken bones.

 It’s pretty easy to discern when it’s for the ED instead of the pediatrician’s office.  But there’s still the initial work on the situation before contacting the doctors and that’s where I got caught the other day; because what I had Middle do for his injury wasn’t going to help him, even if it didn’t hurt him (fortunately).

So in the several days, I’ll make the time to contact the American Red Cross to see what’s available in First Aid courses.

And Middle’s going to be fine, thank God.

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