PracticalDad Solution:  Handling Abuse of the Plumbing

A life raising kids is full of trials and tribulations.  One of the unexpected tribulations of kids is the stress to the household plumbing and you’ll be amazed at what is going to go into the pipes.  Excess wads of toilet papers, paper and cloth towels, clothing and toys – Daddy, he threw  my bunny in the potty! – will gum up the works.

So what helps in the plumbing department?  Surprisingly, just two plungers.

Wrap your head around the fact that as a father, you’re going to experience about every bodily fluid and will develop a stomach for most of what comes your way.  But any other kids you have will freak when they see the same plunger used for the toilet used in the sink.  So take the opportunity to purchase a separate plunger solely for non-toilet uses.  You can label it with a sharpie to distinguish it, but you should consider getting one of a separate color; smaller kids might not understand the lettering and bigger kids will simply not pay attention to lettering.  That way, there’ll be minimal fuss over using the sink/bathtub after it’s been plunged.  You should still clean the sink or tub after plunging, but the kids’ squawking will be largely eliminated.


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