August:  Preparation Month

If there’s ever a key month for families, it’s August.  The summer vacation is in its last legs and there are any number of things to consider besides the newspaper ads touting the latest back-to-school sales.

For a PracticalDad, there are a variety of things to do in the remaining weeks before school.

  • Inventory the kids’ clothing to see what’s now outgrown and what’s in the pipeline from other kids and families.
  • Inventory the school supplies in-house to ascertain what sales aren’t only great, but needed.
  • Start to create a master family calendar for the upcoming year, comprising important dates and known activities.
  • Begin working with the younger kids on reviewing academic skills that have rusted – to be kind – since the end of school.
  • Begin preparing the kids for new classes and teachers, especially if they’re just entering school or entering a new school, such as middle school.
  • Note the time requirements for older kids who are involved in activities that commence practices in August, such as sports and band.
  • Schedule doctor and dental appointments so that school forms are completed and ready to be turned in.  Also schedule teeth cleanings so that you don’t have to pull the kids from classes.

 Even if that appears to be a long list, it’s still an opportunity to enjoy some time before things really start moving in September.



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