Teachable Moments

After illness, family guests and then an out-of-town trip with the eldest and other teens, I’m back.  I regret if anyone has come here looking for new articles and I’ll have to take to heart the mantra of publish, publish, publish.

A large part of being a father is teaching.  Not esoteric stuff, but the daily minutiae that keeps you out of trouble.  And a trip with kids is loaded with opportunities to teach if you pay attention.

  • Why you hold your credit card face down when transacting business.
  • Determining an appropriate level of tipping for a service rendered.
  • Checking the store receipt when using a credit card to assure that the number and termination date isn’t on the slip.
  • Watching how people respond to new and/or frustrating situations.
  • Why an education truly matters – in this instance, walking with your daughter past the Hustler Club on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. 
  • How to hail a cab and how to make small-talk.
  • How to respond to people who are trying to make polite conversation with you.
  • How to register a complaint and have a charge removed for poor service.

The opportunities are there and my kids fully expect that I’ll call them over at any time to show them something.

You teach, it’s what you do.


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