What Food Supplies Do I Keep Around for Sick Kids?

We try to keep some basic food items in the house for when a kid comes down with a virus.  Note try since the shortsighted little beggars will pilfer through supplies despite your best efforts, in which case you have to replenish quickly.  Despite that, what can you keep around for those days when a child is sick?

  • unopened bottles of Sprite/Ginger Ale/7-Up;
  • Apple juice (note that some acidic juices like orange or grapefruit juice will further upset the stomach);
  • unopened packs of plain crackers, like Saltines;
  • Bouillion cubes for mixing with hot water;
  • Applesauce;
  • cans of simple soup, like chicken/noodle or chicken/rice.

Remember that the idea for a child with a stomach virus is to keep them hydrated while they’re sick and then provide them with mild items as they recover.  This morning, I’m bringing Eldest – who’s recovering from a stomach virus – along with a juice/Sprite mix.  When she deals with that successfully, then we’ll move up the ladder to dry foods, followed by soup and soft foods.  After she’s successfully handled these items without further nausea/vomiting or intestinal problems, then we’ll get back to the regular foods.

Note this is not intended to be medical advice, but an insight into what can be used for kids with a mild virus.  If you have any questions or problems, immediately contact your family physician or pediatrician.

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