Dealing with Germs, V.3

And sometimes you don’t even see it coming.

You expect a virus to  have a typical modus operandi with exhaustion and the droops, fever, nausea/vomiting and perhaps some intestinal stuff.  But then you have the occasional critter that sneaks in and works it’s way through the entire family.  No sense of being tired or fever, just some onset of nausea and then family members are greeting the commode.

Middle started it yesterday after a busy day and we chalked it up to extended car travel – middle tends to motion sickness – and exhaustion after an overnight scout event.  Plenty of fluid and a long night sleep – and no fever whatsover – and he was back to school this morning.  And then Eldest came home midday with the same, and no fever.  So we’re again working with a virus that is going to relay around the house until everyone’s suffered, including me.

Could it have been shortcircuited?  Probably not, but had I been thinking, I would have started disinfecting common surfaces yesterday just to keep up with controlling the thing.  This afternoon, I started the process of hitting all of the common touchable areas:

  • faucets and toilet handles;
  • doorknobs and lightswitches;
  • telephones and remotes;
  • toilets;
  • countertops and doorframes.

So now we sit tight and see what happens.  If I’m really fortunate, it’ll pass Youngest by.  And me?  Well, they say that all the great men of history are dead, and I don’t feel too well, myself.



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