Hangin’ with the Kids

Spend enough time around them and you’ll be amazed at what they’ve concocted to deal with life and language.  To wit:

  • The Force Push.  A means of discouraging the kid on the playground who chases you or constantly follows you.  As soon as you realize that the kid is approaching, either lick or spit into your hand and suddenly thrust it towards their face.  They typically recoil and you can further drive them back without contact by slowly advancing on them.  Simple, and it beats going to the teacher and earning the reputation of a tattle-tale.
  • Epic Fail.  A phrase meaning that you failed in a huge way.  I’d seen it on the internet, but was surprised to hear from a teenager.
  • Failtacular.  Shared by the daughter of an acquaintance, this is a failure of such epic proportions that it should be counted and considered as a win.

As I see them, I’ll catalog more…

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