You Know You’re Spending Time with the Kids When…

  • You startle a co-worker at lunch by sticking your finger in your mouth and reaching over to wipe a dab of ketchup off of his chin.
  • You get sucked into a heated debate whether Marvel is better than DC and all the reasons that Aquaman is a loser.
  • You’re in public and state that you have to go to the potty.
  • Your kid is in public and excuses herself to go to the restroom.
  • You have kid tunes in your head and find yourself searching for Roger Day’s Mosquito Burrito for your iPod.
  • You can name the characters on iCarly and any other Nick/Disney live-action show.
  • You rue the day that your kid refers to Barney as a giant purple cash-cow.
  • You can look at your kid and notice whether something’s going to fit before he even puts it on.
  • You can visualize how something happened between the kids without even being there.
  • Your kids come over to spontaneously hug you and try to pick you up.
  • You tell them you love them too, now put me down.

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