Dad Isn’t a Babysitter

While listening to the radio today, I heard an interview with a recently laid-off man who stated that he was now "a daddy at home.  I babysit the kids and take them to school."

This guy sounded like he was in shock.  He’s been laid off and has a family.  His household income has been blown to hell and God knows if there’s a mortgage – hopefully not since he could probably rent more cheaply.  But I was struck that he considered himself a babysitter.  He might not be providing an income right now, but he still has far more to offer than just babysitting. 

Fathers have to understand that in the new economic and social world – partially wrought by the demand by women for greater economic and professional gain – they have a corresponding responsibility and right to step up.  They should see themselves as equally able to care for and raise the children, without having to seek approval and permission from Mom for everything.  Men are hampered by the fact that they’ve never paid attention to the details that help run the household.  But that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn.  Men are hampered by the belief that they are incapable of providing the love and attention that children require, but that doesn’t mean that small children can only thrive under a feminine influence.

Children require love.  Attention.  Interaction.  Discipline.  Kindness.

There’s nothing I know of that states that these things are solely the realm of women.

So my hope is that this guy – once he gets his feet back under him – will start to recognize that his role for his kids is not to just keep them safe until Mom gets home. 

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