Preparing for Flu and Virus Season

We’re now into January and even though everyone has had their shots and Flumist, the official flu season is now open.  As I put cleaning supplies in the laundry closet, I realized that I’m out of the one thing that I really use at this time of year:  disinfectant wipes.

Remember that the flu vaccine doesn’t cover all flu variants.  Instead, the government experts estimate which variant or two are most likely to strike and the contract goes to the pharmaceutical firms for production.  So there’s no given that the vaccines will be fully effective and there have been some years when the vaccines haven’t been as effective.  So it’s imperative to try to keep ahead of household germs, especially during flu season.  Instead of walking around with a spray bottle and paper towels or tissues, I’ve come to rely on disinfectant wipes.  They’re easy to carry and are effective on most bacteria and germs.

So what do I wipe?

  • Door handles, knobs and door frames at the height at which your kid would place her hands.
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucets.
  • Drawer knobs and pulls, especially in the kitchen and bath.
  • Television remotes.
  • Refrigerator handles.
  • Toilet handles and seats.
  • Computer keyboard and mouse.

Literally, anyplace that you think your kid is going to lay their mitts. 

This isn’t a commercial for any particular brand of wipe, but do take the time to check the label ingredients.

And one other reminder is to make sure to keep them out of the reach of very small children who might mistake them for regular baby wipes.  The idea is to keep the kids from the doctor.

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