Single PracticalDad:  How the Scheduling Actually Worked

And even when you plan your work, as I had to do for yesterday, things don’t quite happen as you’d like and you have to improvise and amend accordingly.  Which is why it’s called management.

Kids appeared where they were expected and most work happened as outlined with a few bumps.

  • Child B was required to turn in grade paperwork to allow her to continue with the school play, but didn’t bother to make a print-out until time to walk out the door.  At which time, the printer broke.
  • This delay caused a detour to the scout meeting place to at least open up for the other cub scouts and parents.  Then the school play delivery occurred.
  • The dishes weren’t finished upon return home since the dishwasher wasn’t emptied of clean dishes and child A can’t safely reach the uppermost shelves.

So my notes for the future would have to include making a reminder to remind child B to get the paperwork out in a more timely fashion.  And then to either get a stool for child A or make sure it’s emptied myself.

But all things considered, it worked.  Not the most pretty thing perhaps, but it worked.

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