PracticalDad Scheduling:  Ahead of the Curve

Apart from the daily routine of who has to be where, a PracticalDad has to pay attention to specific seasonal activities and get ahead of the curve in scheduling.  If you don’t, then life will be more chaotic as deadlines approach.

These events typically occur in the late summer and fall and the demand amongst families is such that it pays to act ahead of time.  What are these events?

  • Back to school sales.  The advertising for these begins in late July and into August and if you delay, then much of the mercandise – school supplies and clothing – will be largely picked over and unavailable.
  • Flu vaccinations.  The Centers for Disease Control now recommend that all children under the age of five receive flu vaccine, although it doesn’t have to be a shot anymore.  Most pediatricians have a nasal vaccine available, called Flumist, which is simply sprayed up both of the nostrils.  The vaccines are typically available from September through December; since the flu "season" commences in January and it takes several weeks for the antibodies to develop after vaccination.  It pays to contact your family physician starting early September to see what their particular schedule is.
  • Christmas photos.  Again, it pays to have the photos done early enough so that you can enclose them with the Christmas cards if that is your habit.  Since it takes several weeks for them to be developed and returned, having them done in December makes the card deadline difficult.  It pays to contact your photography studio starting in September, especially if the children are in school and have to have after-school or weekend appointments, which are more in demand that daytime, middle of the week.

These are the types of appointments that you have to consider when you first start reviewing the new calendar; this PracticalDad’s experience is that it even pays to note the appointment calls for a specific date.

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