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As seemingly mundane and academic as it may appear, Economics has taken on a new perspective and importance in the past several weeks.  What is occurring now in our economic system – financial and otherwise – will have huge repercussions for how we live and how we raise and teach our children.

This website is a new experience and for me, a vertical learning curve.  My intent was to post a new article daily and I was starting to get into the swing when the children returned to school.  And then the Wall Street firms went to hell – Lehman Brothers, AIG, et al – and my life was fully taken over by this ability to witness the unprecedented destruction of credit and the financial sector via the internet and CNBC.  Yes, it’s exciting in a morbid way and certainly historic.  But my focus on that led me away from here.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve been playing or slacking, however.  My questions are always, in this order:

  1. What exactly is happening?  What are the real facts of the situation, i.e. how do I parse out the signal from the surrounding noise?
  2. What are effects for me and my family?
  3. What measures do I take to protect them and is some way to turn it to my advantage?  That sounds cynical perhaps, but as my father once said:  cynicism can make you feel dirty, but it can also buy a lot of soap.

There are huge and real changes happening here.  It is, to use the academic term, a paradigm shift in which the old teachings are shown to be outmoded and in need of replacement.  And there are philosophies and practices that need immediate replacement.  More of my time is going to be spent addressing these changes in my own home, and consequently, discussing them here.

Stay tuned…Next up?  How do I figure out what’s going on?

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