Headlice and Persistence

If you have a kid with headlice, I can’t stress enough that there is no way to get around nitpicking, or manually examining the hair and scalp.

While you certainly treat with chemically laden shampoos like Rid and Nix, there is no guarantee that the lice won’t have a tolerance to the chemicals.

While we were in the process of treating two of our children, I received a call from a friend whose daughter was also infested.  She’d done the examinations for a full week and then stopped, trusting in the efficacy of the shampoo treatments.  After three weeks of living with that assumption, her stylist had found the daughter’s head again infested and had immediately stopped cutting the hair.  A few of the eggs had survived the treatments and after birth, had matured and started the process once again.  This led to another three weeks of head checks for the daughter as well as the siblings; avoidable had she kept up the examinations.

It will make your scalp crawl, but suck it up and handle it.

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