Projects With The Kid:  A PracticalDad Example

When I enter the local Lowe’s store, I see a sign listing the upcoming DIY programs and some are oriented to the kids.  How to build a tetherball set, a pinewood car or a small birdhouse.  While these are all potentially fun and educational experiences, don’t think that you have to go to some Superstore or buy stuff to have fun with Junior.

Ron is a neighbor who’s conscious of a dollar and able to think outside of the box.  When his son was complaining that he wanted a light sabre like another kid, Ron’s first inclination was from the "oh crap" school.  Here’s a trip to the Toys R Us and more money plunked down for what will last – through interest or damage – for about a week.  His response?

Ron grabbed empty water bottles – think Dasani – and newspapers from the recycling bin.  He then combined them with a roll of duct tape to create a series of realistic light sabres for the boy to use as he battled Darth Maul.  The papers were rolled into tight tubes and inserted and taped to the bottle’s neck, and further reinforced by even more duct tape.

This was a Father’s Three-fer.  First, money saved and the joy of duct tape renewed.  Second, a chance to show Junior that some wishes can be met by creativity and ingenuity.  And third, Dad’s pretty cool for doing that for the boy.

Look for the moments.  They require a little extra thought but are worth the effort many times over.

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