What Do I Really Have to Teach Them?

So, just what do I have to be responsible for teaching them?  What can’t they figure out on their own?  Try these for size…

1.  How to grasp a spoon and fork.

2.  Where the spoon and fork they hold really goes.

3.  What goes on the spoon and fork.

4.  The "Clark Bar" in the bathtub isn’t for eating.

5.  The bathtub "Clark Bar" isn’t an art supply for the wall.

6.  How to walk.

7.  How to go down the steps.

8.  How to tell Mom that you’ve taught them to go down the steps.

9.  How to say "please" and "thank you".

10.  When to say "please" and "thank you".

11.  When not to repeat what Daddy said about the clothing of the woman who sits two pews over in church.

12.  The clothing in the darkened closet isn’t the Boogey Man.

13.  How – and when – to spit.

14.  Why we don’t repeat the hand signals that people use when driving.

15.  How to dress themselves.

16.  When to wear coats versus short pants.

17.  What clothing matches and what doesn’t.

18.  How to ride a bike and put on a helmet.

19.  What can happen when you don’t wear a helmet.

20.  For sons, how to treat girls and women.

21.  For daughters, how to be properly treated by a man.

22.  The difference between fantasy and reality, i.e. why hitting in a movie isn’t like real life.

23.  How to handle a bully.

24.  How to do long division.

25.  How to set a table.

26.  How to pack a suitcase and know what to pack.

27.  How to wait without poking the neighbor and annoying everyone else.

28.  How to tie your shoes and buckle your belt.

29.  And the list will go on…

 If you have anything else that you’ve had to teach your kids, contact me and let me know.



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