A First Year Timetable for Dads – What to Expect When You Don’t Know What to Expect

Frequent sleep deprivation and integrating a new child into your life can result in a first year that’s a complete blur.  If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll probably wonder what the first year’s milestones are and whether Junior is on track.  So here’s a brief list of the first year milestones that ought to help.
Remember that this is comprised of averages and that there is likely to be some differences between children.  For example, the occasional child is born with one or more teeth or your daughter may not choose to crawl until later.  One friend’s son was eating cut-up steak at two months.  Be patient and if you have questions, talk to your mate or contact your pediatrician.
You should also note that some of these milestones build upon one another.  For instance, holding the head up and sitting up without support all build upon the basic control of the neck muscles.  Happy reading and hang on tight!

Event Timeframe
1st stool (Meconium*) 1st day
1st Well-baby doctor visit 2nd day
2nd Well-baby doctor visit 4th day
Umbilical cord falls off 2 weeks
Well-baby checkup 1 month
1st time clearly smiling at you 1 month
Lift head up 1 month
Well-baby checkup 2 months
1st sex with new mom (theory) 3 months
1st tooth 3 months
Able to grasp/lift light objects 3 – 4 months
Well-baby checkup 4 months
Hold head up 4 months
Turn over 4 months
1st pulling up 4 months
Well-baby checkup 6 months
1st time clearly seeing you 6 months
Stops needing breast milk/formula 6 months
1st time solid foods introduced 6 months
1st time crawling 7 – 8 months
1st time walking 10 – 12 months
1st Dental visit 1 year
Well-baby checkup 1 year
* Meconium is not a gladiator or fuel for a Federation Starship. It is the term for the thick, tarry substance that constitutes your child’s first stool and is the remains of what was in his intestines/colon while he was in utero. Despite the rather nasty look and concept, it doesn’t smell – that comes later.

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