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Dads and Grocery Shopping

There's been a spate of recent articles (here and here) about how men are doing more of the shopping and the cooking.  There are other articles out there since things were spurred on by a research firm faxing poll results to various media outlets, but you get the drift.  Several of the articles even mention that some of these men are fathers who do most, if not all, of the cooking and one article even shows a young father carrying his preschool daughter in his arms as he rolls the cart down the aisle.  Which leads to the topic at hand, what are some things to remember if you go grocery shopping with the kid(s)?

Having been the stay-at-home since Eldest's birth (she's now in college) and with others at intervals back through elementary school, I've been the one who's trotted through the grocery aisles across the years.  The majority of those years have required that I take one or more kids in tow and for several, all of them were along for the excursion; what are some things to remember and consider when the kids are along at the store?

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